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Make international conference calls with no bridging fee or use FreeConference Connect to make truly free calls from your browser to and from anywhere in the world.

FreeConference runs in your browser and mobile devices. No fees, limitations, or downloads — proper, free conferencing.

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Call costs based on the cost of a 1-hour call from a BT landline using our 0844 number (5p/min), BT mobile using our shortcode (15p/min), or FreeConference Connect (free).

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Paul Hawkins @Enfopaul

Just had a great conference call with @FreeConference. What an amazing free to use web based conferencing app!

Kim Lavine @KimLavine

Yup. Still love and use this free conference call service from @FreeConference since 2007

ETCleanFuels @ETCleanFuels

I HIGHLY recommend @FreeConference!! We use to setup conf calls w/partners all over the US! Professional+Easy+Awesome

D&S Communication @danielandsara

Highly recommend @FreeConference - we use to reach out to our clients in France & Germany. Easy + Professional

Darren Surrey @DarrenSurrey

@FreeConference Just tried it for the first time. Very handy! Heard about it on @LBC.

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Your FreeConference account comes with free features including scheduling, recurring calls, international dial-in numbers, and more!

FreeConference Connect

FreeConference Connect

Eliminate access fees by using the WebRTC powered FreeConference Connect from your web browser. No fees, no limitations, no downloads.

Invitations & Reminders

Invitations & Reminders

Automated email invitations and reminders will help you coordinate your call and make sure all your participants know how to call and when.



Schedule your calls in advance through our online dashboard and make sure all your participants are ready to go.

International Dial-ins

International Dial-ins

Connect with callers in Germany, Belgium, Australia, England or the United States with no access fees or monthly payments.

Text Chat

Text Chat

Include meeting notes or contribute to the discussion while on mute. All text chat is saved with your past-conference information for review at your leisure.

Recurring Calls

Recurring Calls

Schedule recurring calls quickly and easily, no need to reschedule and no risk of forgetting, thanks to our automated reminder emails.

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